7 trees that should be in your garden

For gardening enthusiasts who are just beginning to set up their green plants habitat, selecting the specific trees to be planted can be a difficult choice to make as there are a wide variety of various trees to choose from. In this post, we will state 7 trees that should adorn every garden. But before we delve into the specific trees that we think you should have in your garden, let’s check out a couple of purposes you should have in mind for the trees in your garden to serve

  • Shade: Garden trees should be able to provide cool spots to relax under during a really hot day. This often means selecting a species with wide-spreading branches at the crown.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The trees you select should look beautiful and make the general environment attractive to look at.
  • Bird nest: This may be a little more subject to personal preferences, but you should also consider providing a home for the sky wanderers. Trees that have a lot of branches and enough hidden spaces should be ideal for creating nests. Also, trees with flowering parts are a delight for birds. You would be boosting ecological diversity and our planet will be grateful for it.

Now to the major topic of the day. Let’s make a list of some trees your garden cannot do without.

Peach tree

A combination of beauty and abundant fruit supply, the Peach tree is a wonderful addition to your garden. Peach trees are quite resistant and will grow without requiring excess effort and attention provided there is enough sunlight and warmth. You may consider planting close to a bigger tree to provide some shelter.


A distinctive white color is one of the attractions that the Birch tree provides for your garden. The color stands it out and draws attention to the uniqueness of the tree. If you’re so inclined, you may plant more than one specie of the birch tree in your garden to achieve an interesting variation.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple is a delight for gardening enthusiasts all over the world. With a small shape that gives room to other trees of various sizes to grow alongside, and nicely shaped leaves that seem like a work of art, this tree will play it’s part in making your garden a green beauty.

Snow Gum

This tree belongs to the Eucalyptus species, the source of the popular oil that magically clears stuffy noses. Ever green leaves, pure white flowers and a medium height are all attractive features of this tree.

Crab apple

This is a long grower that reaches heights of about 23 feet and has beautifully red flowers which blossom into white.

Service berry

Another nice tree with a wide crown consisting of beautiful flower which blossom into dark fruits.

Tulip tree

You’ve seen the tulip in paintings and computer desktop pictures, it’s time to have a real one in your garden that you can show off to friends and family.

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